The Top 6 Corsair Mousepads For Gaming In 2023

You’re in the correct place, I suppose. I’ll walk you through the top 5 Corsair mousepads because I’m a gamer who has several mousepads.
I am aware of the difficulty in locating the best Corsair mouse pad. So that you may obtain an accurate sense, I have assembled the top gaming mousepads from Corsair after extensive testing.
Best Corsair Mousepads: The Top 6
If you’re debating whether or not you should get a gaming mousepad, believe me when I say it’s worthwhile. Gaming mouse sensors, such as optical or laser sensors, are taken into consideration while designing the surfaces of gaming mousepads.

1. Corsair MM800 Polaris

The greatest RGB gaming mousepad available is the Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB.
With its distinctive feature sets, the Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB is expertly crafted for professional gamers. Here, the construction quality is superb. It never feels more flimsy or inexpensive than somewhere else.

The surface has a micro-textured finish that enhances tracking precision. It is a little stiffer than ideal, which is good for longevity and fluid movement. Here, the low friction surface contributes to the fluid mouse movement. Moreover, the surface area is big enough to allow unrestricted mouse movement.

You can get the most out of your pricey gaming mouse since the surface has been adjusted specifically for mouse sensors. Rubber serves as the basis and offers sufficient traction to prevent slipping while playing. The surface is adaptable for a variety of mouse grips and gameplay styles.

2. Corsair MM1000 Qi

One of the top Qi charging mousepads available is the Corsair MM1000.
The Corsair MM1000 does a fantastic job serving as a hub for charging gadgets. Here we have the widely used Qi wireless charging technology. If you position your device over the coil, it operates without a hitch.

Besides that,

Also, it has connectors and adapters for a wide range of device charging. All the adapters, from micro USB to USB Type-C, are included in the box.

In terms of construction quality, it is fairly robust and has a premium feel. The cables were in perfect condition, too. All of it is beautifully made.

3. Corsair MM500

The Corsair MM500 would be a fantastic option if you’re searching for a sturdy mousepad that can cover your entire desk.
The Corsair MM500 covers the entire desk with its enormous 48″ by 24″ surface. This expanded 3XL size allows you to fit your keyboard, mouse, and even the monitor on the mousepad. I appreciate having it because it gives everything on my desk a consistent surface, which is an advantage.

The actual mousepad is constructed of anti-fray fabric. It is fairly resilient and won’t lose its effectiveness rapidly. You may enjoy a fantastic gaming experience with laser or optical gaming mice thanks to the surface’s optimization for the top-tier gaming mice.

Visiting the performance

The glide is quite smooth, and the precision is excellent. Because to its smooth drive and quick accuracy surface, it would be a fantastic pick for FPS or MOBA players.

4. Corsair MM350

A scaled-down variant of the Corsair MM500 is the Corsair MM350.

Several characteristics of the Corsair MM350 are also found in the MM500. To begin with, you receive the same durable anti-fray cloth. The mousepad will endure longer under heavy daily use thanks to the precisely sewn anti-fray edge.

This one is an extended XL size as opposed to the Corsair MM500’s extended 3XL size. You have adequate room to place your keyboard, mouse, and other devices over the mousepad thanks to the 36.6″ x 15.7″ surface. It can even cover the entire desk if it is a smaller desk.

The cloth surface provides a nice, flat surface on which to use your mouse. It complements the best gaming mice well. If you want to have an immersive FPS or MOBA gaming experience, a surface like this will help a lot.

5. Corsair MM300 Pro

A strong competitor in the market for medium-sized mousepads is the Corsair MM300 Pro.
The Corsair MM300 Pro is a cotton mousepad with a covering that prevents spills. It prevents any liquid or stain from adhering to the surface. Micro weaving on the surface creates a dense plain on which to navigate your cursor.
It is quite easy to move and utilize the mouse on this surface. The surface is a generous 14.1′′ by 11.8′′ in size, making it ideal for utilizing a mouse. You have more than enough room to accurately control the mouse.

The sides are shielded by anti-fray stitches, making it a sturdy and long-lasting mousepad. The mousepad is 3mm thick overall and has a rubber base that won’t slide. While being used, the mousepad cannot be moved.

6. Corsair MM200

A high-performance cloth mousepad that provides precise control for your mouse is the Corsair MM200.
The mousepad is well-built and doesn’t have a fragile feel to it. The fabric is expertly knitted to increase longevity.

The surface texture was carefully tailored by Corsair for the various gaming sensors. The mousepad will undoubtedly affect your gaming experience, regardless of whether it has an optical or a laser sensor.

It will provide accurate tracking with a low friction surface, enabling you to play first-person shooter games with fluidity and accuracy.

The Corsair MM200’s enlarged size makes it easier to keep the keyboard and mouse on top. It provides a consistently smooth surface on which you may rest your palm and easily operate the input devices. You will have enough area to keep the keyboard and mouse on the 36.6″ x 11.8″ surface.


Due to its enlarged 3XL size and high accuracy tracking surface, I find the Corsair MM500 to be fascinating. It makes a beautiful mat that I can use to cover my entire tabletop and have a great time playing video games.

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