The Top 5 College Laptops – REVIEW

You will require a laptop that can handle your academic workload if you plan to attend college. You can choose between a basic Chromebook, an ultraportable Windows laptop or MacBook, a sophisticated mobile workstation, or another option depending on the program you’re in. You should ideally have a lightweight, well-made device that has a day’s worth of battery life. Since you’ll be using the laptop frequently for work, you should also search for characteristics that will improve user experience, such as a clear and bright display, a comfortable keyboard, and a responsive touchpad. If you intend to use several peripherals or external displays, port selection is another crucial factor to take into account.

We purchased and examined more than 60 computers. You may discover our suggestions for the top laptops for college below. You can also view our suggestions for the top laptops, laptops for businesses, and Chromebooks.

Apple MacBook Pro

A high-end mobile workstation, the Apple MacBook Pro 14 (2021) is the best laptop for college that we have tested. It has an unusually long battery life, seems exceptionally well made, and is lightweight. It can be specified with either an M1 Pro or M1 Max SoC (System on Chip), both of which are capable of handling almost any task, making it a great option for students studying engineering, architecture, or graphic design. You don’t have to be concerned about making too much noise in a quiet classroom because it only gets a bit hot when it’s busy, and the fans never get loud.

The MacBook Pro 14 not only performs superbly, but it also offers a wonderful user experience. It boasts a large, intuitive haptic touchpad, a crisp Micro LED display with complete DCI P3 coverage, and a comfortable keyboard. The webcam and speakers are some of the best available on the market. You can choose the larger Apple MacBook Pro 16 if screen space is more important to you than portability (2021). It is essentially the same device, but with a larger battery, a 16-inch display, and speakers that sound a little better. The only drawback is the greater cost.

Last but not least, if you’re searching for a MacBook Pro right now, just buy an M2 model unless you can find the M1 at a significantly reduced price. Apple has introduced the M2 version and no longer sells the M1 units on their website. The only differences between these new models and their predecessors are a faster processor, HDMI 2.1, and more memory support (up to 96GB).

Apple MacBook Air

Purchase the Apple MacBook Air 13 (2022), the replacement for the incredibly popular Apple MacBook Air 13 if all of your schoolwork comprises of simple tasks like text processing, online browsing, and video streaming (M1, 2020). This updated design features a new 1080p webcam, a slightly larger display with thinner bezels, and a more potent M2 SoC. This time, the display is brighter, making it suitable for use outside in broad daylight. The keyboard is still pleasant, and the touchpad is still quick. It now features a MagSafe charging port, freeing up the USB-C port that would have been used for charging, however it is still only capable of two USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports and supports just one external display.

Even while we heartily recommend the M2 Macbook Air, it is still an expensive laptop, costing considerably more than the M1 version did. The good news is that Apple continues to offer both the older M1 MacBook Air and the newer variant. Of course, there are a few compromises, such as its outdated design, slightly dim display, and the M1 SoC’s lower power but still highly capable performance. You must decide whether paying more for the M2 model is worthwhile because these compromises are quite small.

The Dell XPS 13 (2021) is the MacBook Air’s closest direct competitor if you want or need to work on Windows. The 13-inch laptop is similarly well-made and has a brilliant display, a roomy keyboard, and a responsive touchpad. Battery life is roughly equal to the M2 MacBook Air at 10 hours of light use. While the webcam’s image quality isn’t as good as that of the M1 or M2 MacBook Airs, it does enable Windows Hello for fast facial recognition logins. Both USB-Cs support Thunderbolt 4, enabling you to use a single cable to connect up to two 4K displays at 60Hz, despite the fact that it is also limited to two USB-C ports.

Swift 3 14 by Acer

Want something excellent yet neither too pricey nor too inexpensive? Buy the Acer Swift 3 14 (2020), the top-rated student laptop in the mid-range price range that we evaluated. This sleek and lightweight device feels well-made, is extremely portable, and has a battery life of around 14 hours. The 14-inch display’s flicker-free nature helps to prevent eye strain, and it provides just enough space for light multitasking. Although it’s a little crowded, the keyboard feels passable to type on, and the touchpad is reasonably sensitive despite being on the tiny side. It may be set up with an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 CPU from the 11th generation, as well as up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.

Of course, there are certain disadvantages. The display doesn’t get very bright, which is the first problem. Its 279 cd/m2 brightness is only suitable for indoor use, so you can experience glare issues in well-lit spaces. Second, the webcam is inadequate for video calls because the image it captures appears soft and underexposed, and the microphone makes staticky noises. In all other respects, it’s a sensible choice if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a high-end model but also don’t want to skimp on quality.

15-inch Lenovo Chromebook C340

The Lenovo Chromebook C340 15 (2020), a 2-in-1 convertible with a 360-degree hinge, is the best budget laptop for students we’ve tested if you’re on a tight budget. You may set it up with an Intel Core i3 or Pentium Gold CPU, both of which are potent enough to give Chrome OS a fluid experience. You can only acquire a maximum of 4GB of memory, so if you have a lot of Chrome tabs or applications active, it can stutter a little.

With a battery life of about 12 hours under light use, it is more than plenty to get through the day. Of course, there are some compromises because it’s a budget model. The display doesn’t become extremely bright, thus it’s not suitable for well-lit areas or outdoor use. Second, versions with an Intel Core i3 and 64GB of storage are the only ones featuring keyboard backlighting (model 81T90002UX). If you’re new to Chrome OS, you should be aware that there are restrictions on the kinds of apps and programs you may install, so you should make sure it meets your needs.
We have listed what we believe to be the top laptops available right now for college students in our recommendations above. We take into account the cost (a less expensive laptop wins over a more expensive one if the price difference isn’t significant), comments from visitors, and availability (no laptops that are difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere).


Here is a list of all of our laptop reviews, arranged by price from low to high if you would rather make your own choice. The table only displays the results of the model we tested; for details on other variations, it is best to read the complete evaluation. Keep in mind that the majority of laptops come in a variety of configurations.

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