The 5 Best Corsair Gaming Keyboards You Can Buy Right Now

It can be challenging to select the best Corsair keyboard from the many options available. I can relate to that because I’m a die-hard player myself.

You need the best mechanical gaming keyboard with all the characteristics a real gamer requires, one that is strong, quick, and responsive.

1. Corsair K100

This keyboard should be purchased if you want the greatest keyboard Corsair has to offer. Any gamer or keyboard aficionado will find all the functionality they need in this keyboard.
Due to its design, construction, RGB lighting, and performance, this keyboard might serve as the focal point of your gaming setup.

Brushed metal is the finish, and it looks and feels fantastic. Due to its sturdy construction and longevity, this keyboard will serve you well for a very long time.

The greatest RGB lighting you can find on a keyboard is further provided by the 44 zone illumination and per-key RGB backlighting. Not to mention the RGB bar that is located on the sides, rear, and back. Overall, it provides a completely unique immersive RGB lighting experience that is unmatched by any other keyboard.

Up to 200 profiles can be saved in the onboard memory. It’s ridiculous that you can store personalized profiles for each game as a player.

There are six dedicated macro keys on the Corsair K100. Moreover, they work with Elgato Stream Deck.
This keyboard will be ideal if you enjoy streaming while playing video games. You only need to press one button to control your stream or other items. The experience of streaming will be quite fluid with this keyboard.

A quick and responsive keyboard will help you win games if you’re a true gamer. This keyboard polls at a rate of 4000 Hz, which is 4 times quicker than any other keyboard. Moreover, it employs Corsair OPX or Cherry MX Speed key switches. They are, respectively, the quickest mechanical and opto-mechanical key switches.

The outcome? You can expect a responsive and fluid gaming experience.

Everyone appreciates a keyboard that feels good under their fingers. Since the Corsair K100 comes with double-shot PBT keycaps, you get the greatest keycaps in terms of feel and durability.

2. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT,

Do you like the Corsair K100 but don’t require the compatible Elgato and dedicated control wheel? This keyboard can help you save money.
This keyboard can meet your expectations if you desire a keyboard with outstanding build quality. The aluminum plate gives the body excellent durability.

This keyboard looks stunning when used with a gaming setup. This keyboard has fantastic RGB illumination, to put it mildly. With per-key RGB LED, the customizing possibilities are endless.

Interested in dedicated macro keys? There are six on this keyboard. You can believe that it makes multitasking simple.

If you have several USB devices, the USB passthrough can come in quite handy for you. I just gotta have it.

Switches come in a variety of designs. According on your taste and preferences, you can select Cherry MX Blue for amazing tactile feedback, Cherry MX Brown for less noise, or Speed Silver for responsiveness.

3. Corsair K70 MK.2

The Corsair K70 MK.2 is a special keyboard because it comes with a variety of switch options. This feature instantly elevates it to the top of the list among fans of mechanical keyboards.
How much I appreciate the build quality of this keyboard cannot be emphasized enough. The top plate made of aluminum feels quite sturdy. You wouldn’t have to worry about the build quality at all.

This keyboard is the one to get if your desk space is limited. In comparison to other full-size keyboards, it is tiny despite being full size. You have the additional mouse space needed to take the ideal headshot.

This keyboard has a per-key RGB LED for RGB lighting. You have the option to personalize each and every aspect of RGB. Given that the keys are raised, the RGB melds seamlessly with the aluminum top plate.
Want to have the most realistic RGB experience? There are customizable RGB profiles that can interact with your game. It will display personalized RGB lights regardless of whether you have just completed a mission or obtained a headshot. Simply said, this function elevates the experience of Computer gaming.

It is a special keyboard because it offers a selection of Cherry MX switches, as I mentioned previously. Linear Red, tactile Blue, sensitive Speed, quieter Brown, or Silence switches are all options. Pick the option that best fits you.

4. Corsair Strafe MK.2

You’re trying to find a keyboard that you can use at home and at the office. You can get what you need with the Corsair Strafe MK.2.
On this keyboard, the RGB backlighting is of the highest caliber. It is possible to heavily customize the iCUE software. It can be styled however you choose. Here, the sky is the limit.

The Corsair Strafe MK.2 is a must-have if you’re one of those people who frequently uses the same keyboard for both work and home. I’ll explain why.

First off, Cherry MX Quiet or Red key switches are employed here. Compared to other key switches, both of them are incredibly quiet. You wouldn’t have to worry about obstructing your coworkers with keyboard noise.

It does not look really gamey. While having a few flares here and there, it nonetheless maintains a modest appearance. Therefore if you like, you can use this keyboard without risk at home or at the office. Yes, it won’t seem out of place.

5. Corsair K68

This keyboard has an IP32 rating, which will protect it from unintentional damage.
This keyboard makes no concessions in terms of construction quality. Because to its IP32 classification for dust and spill resistance, it seems like it will survive for a very long time. It will safeguard this keyboard against mishaps and a buildup of dust.

Cherry MX Red, Blue, and Speed switches are used on this keyboard. So that you can make a wise decision based on your needs. This keyboard’s Cherry switches also make it simple to replace out keycaps and customize it. You have countless options for personalization here.

When you mistakenly press the Windows key while playing a game, it is incredibly frustrating. The Corsair K68 offers separate media keys and Windows lock keys to spare you from this aggravation.

You’ll concur with me when I say that serious gamers need good ergonomics. The palm rest that is included is ergonomically sound. It will ensure that your extended gaming sessions are comfy.


These are the best 5 keyboards from Corsair to purchase. You can choose the finest alternative for your needs by according to this straightforward guidance.

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