Samsung S21 Phone Case Review From [A-Z]

Even if the Galaxy S22 is now the most advanced model in Samsung’s flagship series (the S23 will follow shortly), you don’t have to get rid of your Galaxy S21. In fact, you’ll want to use a strong case to protect yourself now more than ever. You must make sure that the case you purchase is made for the Galaxy S21 model you have because it comes in three sizes. The S21 Ultra has the largest screen and the heaviest build, making it the best candidate for cases with built-in kickstands. The S21 is even more compact than the S21 Plus, measuring just 6.7 inches. But regardless of the model you own, we’ve compiled a list of the top S21, S21, and S21 Ultra case options.

Ultra Hybrid series by Spigen

Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid is a terrific deal if you’re searching for a cheap transparent case for your brand-new Galaxy S21. The Ultra Hybrid S (on the left in the photo), which includes a built-in kickstand, is my favorite.

Although the Samsung phone case has no advertised drop protection, transparent Spigen cases seem to provide adequate defense. Spigen’s Tough Armor case (on right in photo), which also includes a built-in kickstand, is an alternative if you want a rugged case with respectable protection. Be aware that many of these less expensive clear cases have a propensity to age and degrade over time, becoming less transparent. But, they are reasonably priced, so you probably won’t mind paying for a replacement if and when that occurs. With a precise cutout for the camera, this TPU bumper-made Samsung Galaxy S21 case provides the maximum amount of protection. The case is made of thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate.

Samsung Cover in Leather

Samsung’s leather cover, which comes in black or brown, provides a toughened protective layer around the cameras while maintaining a pleasant leather feel throughout. You can put this on your phone and have it feel amazing without giving up anything because leather doesn’t interfere with wireless charging or anything else. The phone is not made bulkier by the soft leather case, which also provides decent shock absorption.

Clear Standing Cover for Samsung

The Clear Standing Cover from Samsung is a simple but durable clear case with a built-in kickstand. The kickstand, which is larger than Spigen’s built-in kickstand, may be used to hold your phone upright horizontally or vertically. I often use this example.

Galaxy S21 5G Tough Protective Cover for Samsung

The most robust case Samsung produces is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Tough Protective Case. Although the design passes military-grade drop tests, it yet manages to remain slim and fashionable. The rear of the case has an alloy-like appearance that adds a touch of refinement, making it a tough but well-rounded member of the top Samsung Galaxy S21 covers.

Samsung’s Rugged Protective cover comes with a unique kickstand. There are actually two kickstands—one for using the phone in portrait mode and the other for landscape mode. In order to prevent them from permanently breaking off if too much pressure is applied to the phone, you can detach them.

Galaxy S21 5G Tough Protection Cover by Spigen

The Spigen Tough Armor case for the Samsung Galaxy S21 is a great substitute for the top Samsung Galaxy S21 cases, which are generally more expensive. The Tough Armor case has a polycarbonate outer shell that is attached to an inside cover consisting of many layers of impact foam.

Moreover, the Tough Armor has a strong kickstand that enables customers to enjoy hours of video wherever they are. The Tough Armor cover for the S21, like other Spigen cases, has some of the nicest buttons you’ll find on a phone case. The pleasure of receiving a new case is ruined more than anything by mushy, non-responsive buttons, which thankfully are not an issue here.

Galaxy S21 CamShield Case by Nillkin

There are many cases available that have raised edges to guard against drops with your Samsung Galaxy S21. Only one, though, has a cover to shield the phone’s four lenses in the event of a head-on collision. The camera is totally covered by a sliding lid on the Nillkin CamShield, which provides considerably better protection for that particular area of the handset than any of the other top Samsung Galaxy S21 cases we’ve reviewed.

The Nillkin CamShield is a typical compact protective case aside from the camera cover. For individuals who require additional covering for their cameras, it is the sole item that matters.
Phone cases from Caseology Parallax aren’t always as attractive as they may be. But with the Caseology Parallax, you won’t have to be concerned about that. This case has a flexible body with a double-layered bumper that delivers a distinctive patterned appearance.

In addition to the usual black and gray, the Parallax is also available in pastel shades of purple and pink. This case is the most fashionable among the top Samsung Galaxy S21 cases thanks to the softer tones that make it stand out from the crowd.

Galaxy S21 Ringke Air Case

It’s not necessary for a case to be pricey to be good. The Ringke Air is inexpensive ($9) yet stands out among the top Samsung Galaxy S21 cases because to its light, translucent design. The Galaxy S21 case by Ringke has a simple, functional design that occasionally suffices.

The Ringke Air has reasonable drop protection for the price and is comprised of flexible thermoplastic polyurethane. This case isn’t going to equal the OtterBox’s durability or the Totallee’s thinness, but it’s inexpensive and prevents your phone from becoming damaged.


Pricing doesn’t necessarily indicate quality when it comes to the finest Samsung Galaxy S21 cases, as we stated at the outset. You may come across some genuinely amazing examples when least expecting them. Focus more on what you want to use your possible case for and begin your search there rather than on price and renown. You can come across a plethora of alternatives that not only suit your needs but also outperform the ones you’ve previously tried.

Just be certain that the case you’re looking at is for the Galaxy S21. The three sizes of Samsung’s flagships mean that the 6.2-inch S21 and its smaller screen won’t fit in cases made for the 6.7-inch Galaxy S21 Plus or 6.8-inch Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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