Samsung 5g Flip Phone Review From [A-Z]

Thinking about purchasing a foldable phone? This Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G review is the appropriate spot to be as it is undoubtedly the greatest folding phone for the majority of people due to its significantly lower price compared to other foldable devices currently available.

Samsung’s top-of-the-line folding phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G, along with the Galaxy Watch4 series and the Galaxy Buds 2 were all introduced during the Galaxy Unpacked event in August 2021.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G: Release Date and Price

With 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G is currently available for $999 in the US, £949 in the UK, and AU$1,499 in Australia. For roughly $1,049, £999, or AU$1,599, you can also purchase it with 256GB of storage.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G is now priced at the same level as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, making it far more affordable than competing clamshell folding phones like the Motorola Razr, despite the fact that it is still quite pricey. It was roughly £350 less expensive at launch than the original Galaxy Z Flip, which will undoubtedly make this piece of equipment much more persuasive.


The majority of smartphones have a similar appearance. These are frequently uniform slabs of glass with little physical distinction other than perhaps a camera notch here and a curved screen there. Of those, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G is unquestionably not one. It has a totally new appearance, and I believe the phone looks great.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G can fit in the palm of your hand when folded. You get the best of both worlds because the phone feels quite slim when it is unfolded and appears just like a typical smartphone.
If you’re looking for something a little more unique, the Custom Edition enables you to alter every aspect of the phone to suit your specific taste. There are 49 distinct conceivable combinations, so you’re sure to discover one that works for you. You may choose from five different colors and a silver or black frame. When you bring out this phone in public, people will undoubtedly ask you “what’s that?” because it looks cool. In the image below, you can see some instances of how it might seem.

You can use the standard pin, pattern, or password to unlock the phone. Also, there is the option of using the power button-mounted fingerprint scanner or facial recognition. Personally, I thought the scanner was positioned a little too high, where my thumb normally rests, which caused me to frequently miss it. In the end, that meant I couldn’t always unlock my phone when I went to touch it.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G: DISPLAYS

The cover screen on the original Galaxy Z Flip was just too small at 1.1 inches. It meant that you couldn’t do anything with it and that only one notification could be shown at once. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G now boasts a screen that is four times as big as before, allowing it to display up to four notifications at once. But it’s not limited to that.

By adding widgets, you can personalize what appears on the cover screen and swipe between them to check the weather, use Samsung Pay, manage your music, set alarms, and much more. You quickly get used to checking your messages from there to save time on opening the phone because it feels quite natural to use.

The experience of using the main display is not significantly altered by the screen wrinkle. But that doesn’t mean you can’t see it because it becomes highly noticeable and can occasionally cause slight image warping when the screen is white, tilted, or when light reflects off it. Another issue was that the screen wasn’t always fully responsive near the crease and occasionally missed my tap; nonetheless, this issue wasn’t very serious.

Review of the hardware and software for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G

With the primary screen is folded out flat and running Android 11 with Samsung’s One UI, the entire experience is exactly what you’d expect from a Samsung phone. It is simple to use, intuitive, and provides quick access to Google’s app library. This time, a few software updates have been made to accommodate the phone’s ability to fold.

The Flex Panel moves your app content to the top half of the phone when it is halfway folded and sets controls like the volume on the bottom half. I tested it out on a few other apps, and streaming video is where it shines the most. For instance, you can use the bottom half to enable subtitles and change the volume while watching a YouTube video on the top half. If you wanted to continue viewing the video while you browse the web a little, you can split the screen and have many windows open at once.

The battery inside the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G is only 3,300mAh, which is significantly less than other smartphones I’ve seen, yet it still managed to survive most of the day before it needed to be recharged. The battery level dropped by 14% while I played a video on it for more than two hours at maximum brightness, indicating that the phone would have had a total runtime of more than 14 hours. Even though it’s not the best battery life available, it’s still quite good.

Although it’s important to note that there is only a cable included in the box, recharging the phone once more from empty to 100% took slightly over an hour.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G: Cameras

Overall, the camera was pretty hit or miss depending on the lighting and point of focus. It’s not just as easy as snapping the image. Even on the sunniest of days, some of the point-and-shoot pictures I took with the rear cameras turned out beautifully, while others lacked clarity and detail. It occasionally had trouble balancing the shot’s conflicting elements. Similar to how colors generally appeared true and brilliant, but occasionally they could appear toned out due to poor lighting.

There are a few quite helpful things you should be aware of even though the camera system is unlikely to completely impress you. First, Flex Panel also functions in this situation. You can keep the camera stable while modifying the settings and switching between the various modes by placing the preview on the top panel of a half folded screen and the camera settings on the bottom.

Also, you can alter the arrangement of the elements on the screen, for example, placing the settings in the upper half and the preview in the lower half. The Capture View also has the option to fill the entire screen if you want to see everything in more detail.


This is quite easy to obtain and convenient thanks to Samsung. They’ve managed to bring together design, unique features, and thoughtful software with a price tag that won’t make your eyes water too much.

The camera system’s simplicity is the main drawback because, regardless of whether the phone folds, you would want the camera to be truly accomplished rather than merely good at this kind of pricing. Despite that, I would still give this phone some thought because, to be honest, it’s a very fascinating gadget.

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