Review Logitech G Pro Keyboard 2023

The Logitech G Pro is the best mechanical keyboard for gamers. It has a contemporary design and a number of exceptional features that offer a satisfying typing experience and quick response times. a valiant effort across numerous fronts.

Logitech G Pro Keyboard Specifications

  • Dimensions: 153mm x 14.19mm x 34.3mm
  • Weight: 980g
  • Keyboard type: Tenkeyless
  • Switch: Romer-G
  • Durability: 70 million keystrokes
  • Press stroke: 1.5 mm
  • Impact force: 45 g
  • Connection type: USB
  • Backlight: RGB 16.8 million colors

Design of Logitech G Pro Keyboard

The typical method of naming a product by number, which is how Logitech frequently names its keyboard products, is not used with the Logitech G Pro Keyboard. It appears that the company hopes to offer people a perfect combination with its own style after launching with a mouse named the G Pro Mouse. The G Pro Keyboard, which is also the first TKL keyboard to achieve its competitive criteria, was created by Logitech with the enthusiastic guidance of the world’s top players from teams like TSM, Cloud9, etc.


The Logitech G Pro Keyboard has a sleek, contemporary design that is deceptively basic. In order to maximize available space for the mouse and other devices to improve the user’s experience, the keyboard is built in the TKL style with big keys and a distinctive profile. use.

The G Pro’s chassis was made of plastic by Logitech, however the plastic on the surface of the keyboard has been slightly altered to offer a better grip. Although glossy plastic is used to paint the keyboard’s edges, which helps to achieve excellent aesthetics, it is easily scratched, therefore users must take a little more care when using the keyboard to preserve its beauty.


Users can use the keyboard in a variety of settings thanks to the ability of the wire to be totally detached from the key body for distances up to 1.8 meters. For gamers, a stable connection during a combat is made possible by the microUSB connector’s trident design and two pins. Moreover, Logitech still uses the G Pro Keyboard hotkeys for features like Windows key lock, light on/off, and the Logitech logo similar to the G610 and G810 designs.

The Logitech G Pro keyboard’s back is made of 5 feet of non-slip rubber and 2 kickstands that may raise the keyboard to 4 or 8 degrees, depending on the individual’s demands. Users can rest their hands on the keyboard and type comfortably without a palm rest thanks to two adjustable angles.


ABS plastic keycap, durable switch

Users should consider the pressing sensation while choosing a mechanical keyboard product. The keycap and the switch are the two elements that determine the clicking sensation.

The single-shot ABS plastic keycap for the Logitech G Pro Keyboard has characters that have been laser engraved on it. This keycap feels great because it has a soft-touch layer covering it. The ABS keys do have the normal drawback of appearing shiny after extended use, therefore the aesthetics are not guaranteed.


Romer-G, a product that was investigated and created by Logitech and Omron, serves as the switch on the Logitech G Pro Keyboard. According to the manufacturer’s description, this switch’s 3mm key travel, 1.5mm trigger point, and 45g pushing force are all intended to enhance customers’ gaming experiences. Moreover, this switch incorporates a notch to produce haptic feedback, providing a more precise pushing sensation.

Real-world usage reveals that the Romer-G switch is quieter and has a shorter keystroke, yet it provides a typing experience akin to Cherry MX Brown. Moreover, the Romer-G switch’s multiple contact points aid to increase the stability and sensitivity of the keyboard signal received, extend switch use duration, and increase switch durability.

The distinct keycap mechanism with 4 pins coupled to the 4 holes on each switch’s slider is another drawback of this switch, though. Thus, neither CherryMX’s keycap system nor any other keycap on the market will be usable by users. But, this disadvantage can potentially be overcome if you simply need to utilize a good mechanical keyboard.


Romer-G switches are structurally distinct from Cherry MX switches. Despite the fact that they all use metal foil contact, Cherry only has one pair of static and dynamic leaves while Romer-G has up to two pairs, each of which has a static leaf and a dynamic leaf. There will be a triangular cylindrical contact point on each leaf of each pair, and each pair will have a pin running down the PCB circuit similar to the construction of typical SPST switches. The switch’s opening and closing mechanism is an intriguing point to make.


Each time the 2 pins on the square slider are depressed, the contact point in the dynamic leaf of this pair is forced to the contact point in the static leaf of the other pair, opening and closing the switch. The signal will be transmitted once the circuit between the two leaves is entirely closed. With regard to the Cherry MX switch, the circuit is closed and the signal is sent when the contact point only snaps to the static leaf and the dynamic leaf when the slider is depressed all the way. So, by creating the Romer-G, Logitech has met the need to boost sensitivity, guarantee that the circuit is always closed after usage, and contribute to the switch’s increased endurance. According to testing, Cherry MX only lasts for roughly 50 million clicks while Romer-G can withstand up to 70 million.


At the center of the switch are springs and RGB LEDs. Romer-springs G’s are a lot bigger than Cherry MX’s. The gap between the switch and the LED allows light to bounce upward; this gap extends from the slider up to the bottom of the switch. In order to focus the LED light, Logitech inserts a transparent plastic rod into this space. Via the plastic rod, the light will go directly to the keycap and not leak out.

Standard Logitech G Pro keyboard layout includes 87 buttons, 2 function keys for lighting control, and a lock key for Windows. Given that the size and key pitch are not drastically different from TKL mechanical keys employing Cherry switches, this layout is relatively simple to get used to. It is comparable to the Cooler Master MasterKey Pro S, Corsair K65, and Ozone Strike Battle.


Software of Logitech G Pro Keyboard

Users of the Logitech G Pro Keyboard only need to install the Logitech Gaming Software to get the greatest assistance possible for any work. The keyboard will immediately connect, enabling you to change the F1–F12 row of keys’ behavior into Marco keys for various purposes.


The RGB lighting system, which offers more than 16 million distinct color combinations, may be tailored to create a variety of stunning effects. Users can alter any key or key region in accordance with their needs and preferences in addition to the standard modes Wave, Breathing, Color Wave, Color Circle, and Key Push.


Also, Logitech has integrated gaming software with several Profile lights and keys for well-known games like DOTA 2, APEX LEGEND, PUBG, etc. As a result, the lighting system will automatically change color in accordance with the game’s primary control keys if you play any of the supported games. If desired, users can also modify these keys.


Moreover, Logitech Gaming Software offers a heat map option that shows a heat map of the key locations that are frequently pressed. The experience of professional gamers is enhanced by this.



With its flawless design and exceptional functions, the Logitech G Pro Keyboard deserves to be regarded as a high-quality keyboard. It contains a high-speed switch that offers the best typing experience and is small enough to be carried anywhere and used anywhere. G Pro is an affordable option for individuals who require TKL mechanical keys and lovely RGB lights, costing around 2 million.


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