Razer’s Viper V2 Pro Gaming Mouse Puts Speed Over Function

The Razer Viper V2 Pro is a wireless gaming mouse that is very light and is part of Razer’s popular Viper line. It has the same symmetrical shape as the Razer Viper Ultimate, but it has been changed and improved in a lot of important ways. Razer has cut the weight of this mouse by a lot. However, they did this in part by taking away features from previous generations, such as side grips, RGB lighting, and controls that can be used by either hand. This mouse has a new Razer Focus Pro 30K sensor and a new generation of optical switches. Its weight has also changed. Razer also says that the battery life and wireless performance have been improved.

1. Design

The Razer Viper V2 Pro looks a lot like earlier versions of this mouse. It has a simple design with some sharp angles. It’s made of black plastic with a matte finish and has black plastic parts that are shiny. Behind the scroll wheel is a tiny LED light that shows what CPI setting you’re using. On the palm rest, there is also a Razer logo, but there is no RGB lighting like in previous models. Check out the LAMZU Atlantis if you want a gaming mouse that is easy to carry around and comes in a variety of colors.
Even though it is much lighter than its predecessors, the Razer Viper V2 Pro feels very sturdy and well-made. There are no noises when you shake the mouse, and neither the buttons nor the scroll wheel move. Still, you can click the side buttons by pressing hard enough on the side of the mouse, but this isn’t a problem when you’re using it normally.

Razer says that the white version of this mouse is about one gram heavier than the black version. If you want a wireless gaming mouse that is even lighter, you might be interested in the Finalmouse Starlight Pro – TenZ Medium or the Zaunkoenig M2K, which is a lot lighter. At the moment, though, you can only get these mice from third-party sellers, and they tend to be quite pricey.
Overall, the shape of the Razer Viper V2 Pro is very comfortable and balanced. It also has a low profile and a hump in the middle that isn’t too big. The buttons are also in good places, and the plastic body has a little texture to make it easier to hold. Most Viper mice are true ambidextrous, with buttons on both sides. This mouse, on the other hand, only has buttons on the left side. This mouse doesn’t have the rubber side grips that the old Razer Viper Ultimate did, but it does come with a set of sticky grips. Check out the Pulsar Xlite v2 Wireless or the Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro if you want an alternative that is just as light and fits your right hand.
The Razer Viper V2 Pro’s charging cable is light and flexible, like paracord. It doesn’t drag much across desks and doesn’t get tangled easily.

2. Control

Nearly every button on the Razer Viper V2 Pro can be reprogrammed to do different things, such as switching profiles, controlling multimedia, opening Windows shortcuts, and using the keyboard. You can also set a Hypershift button, which lets you assign buttons on a second level. The bottom of the mouse has an extra button that can’t be programmed. When you hold this button down for three seconds, it turns the power on and off. When you press and let go of this button, it cycles through the five customizable CPI settings. Razer’s new Gen-3 optical switches, which can handle 90 million clicks, are used for the left and right click buttons.
The click latency on the Razer Viper V2 Pro is very low and stays the same. It feels very responsive when playing any type of game, and it works well for both casual and competitive play.

3. Operating system and software

In general, the Synapse software from Razer is very good. It’s set up well and isn’t too hard to use. You can change things like the CPI, lift-off distance, surface calibration, profile calibration, power settings, and profile calibration. But, like a lot of software from other big companies, this software gets bad reviews because it needs to be updated often and uses too many system resources. If you’d rather use lighter software or none at all, this one might be too much for you.

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The Razer Viper V2 Pro is part of the popular Viper line of products from Razer. It has a new sensor, a new generation of optical switches, and is a lot lighter than their previous flagship model, the Razer Viper Ultimate. But the lighter weight comes at the cost of a few features from earlier versions of this mouse, such as RGB lighting, rubberized side grips, and a charging dock that you can buy separately. This mouse only has two buttons on the left side. The Razer Viper Ultimate and Razer Viper 8KHz, on the other hand, had buttons on both sides, which made them good choices for people who use their left hand. Overall, this mouse is a high-performance option that competes directly with flagship models like the Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT. But because it only has a few features and costs a lot, it won’t be a good fit for everyone.


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