Corsair RGB WIRELESS Keyboard Review From A To Z In 2023

The Corsair K57 RGB WIRELESS is a good gaming keyboard with rubber dome switches. It has features that are found on more expensive keyboards. It has full RGB backlighting and keys that light up on their own, and you can change how they light up with its software. Except for the Windows Lock key, every key can be used to program a macro, and there are six more macros on the left side. Unfortunately, the keys are hard to press and feel soft, so it could be tiring to type for a long time on this keyboard. But this keyboard can connect to up to three devices at once through Bluetooth and its USB receiver, and it stays connected to your Bluetooth devices even when it’s plugged in.


1. Design

The build quality of the Corsair K57 RGB WIRELESS is good. The frame is made of plastic and has a cheap feel to it. The ABS keycaps are stable, but when you press down on the rubber dome switches, they give way.
The Corsair K57 WIRELESS is comfortable to hold and use. It has a wrist rest and one setting for an incline. It’s not very tall, so it’s a little easier on the wrists.
This keyboard has individually lit keys that can be changed through its software, and you can change the brightness right on the keyboard itself. This is better than the Corsair K55 RGB, which has separate lights for each zone.

This keyboard can connect to one device via USB and two devices via Bluetooth at the same time. If you use this keyboard with a wire, you don’t need the receiver, but you can still use it with other Bluetooth devices.
There are a lot of extra features on this keyboard. Every key can be programmed to do a macro, except for the Windows Lock key, which can be changed to do one of four things. Even the media keys can be used to set up macros, which is a nice touch. On the left side of the keyboard, there are six extra macro keys, and you can program macros directly on the keyboard or through the software.


2. Typing experience

Not very good at typing. The switches need a good amount of force to be pressed, which helps prevent typos because you won’t press a key by accident. However, it could be tiring to type on it for long periods of time. The keys have some feel, but they are soft and don’t give you the same feedback that mechanical switches do. The keys, including the space bar, are stable, which is good.
The rubber dome switches on the Corsair K57 RGB WIRELESS keyboard are hard to press and feel heavy. They have some tactile feedback, but the pre-travel distance is pretty far, which isn’t great for competitive gamers. These switches work a lot like the Corsair K55 RGB switches. The SteelSeries Apex 3 is a good choice if you want rubber dome switches that require less force to press.

3. Software and operating system

Excellent compatibility. It works well with Windows, Linux, and Android, but you can’t get the iCUE software for Linux or Android. Scroll Lock and Pause Break do not work on macOS. Most alphanumeric keys work on iPadOS and iOS, but some function keys do not.

You can set up macros and change the RGB backlighting with the Corsair iCUE software. From your computer’s taskbar, you can also change the polling rate, turn on sleep mode, pair with the receiver, and turn on a battery gauge. The Corsair K57 keyboard doesn’t have any built-in memory, and the software doesn’t let you sync with the cloud.

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The Corsair K57 is a good keyboard for gaming. It has everything you’d expect from a gaming keyboard, like full RGB lighting and keys that light up on their own. Except for the Windows Lock key, all of the keys can be used to program macros, and there are six macros on the left side. Unfortunately, the rubber dome switches are hard to press and don’t let you play games as quickly as you could.
The rubber dome switches on the Corsair K55 RGB and the Corsair K57 RGB WIRELESS are very similar. The only thing that makes them different is that the K57 is wireless and has keys that light up on their own, while the K55 is wired and has lighting for different areas.
We tested the only full-sized Corsair K57 RGB WIRELESS available, which was the K57 RGB WIRELESS. This keyboard is basically the wireless version of the Corsair K55 RGB, but instead of zone lighting, each key on the K57 is lit up individually. Let us know if you find a different version of the K57 or if yours is different from the one we reviewed, and we’ll change the review.

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