Corsair K55 RGB PRO Keyboard Review

The Corsair K55 RGB PRO is an updated version of the Corsair K55 RGB and is a respectable entry-level gaming keyboard with rubber dome switches and zone-lit RGB backlighting. It features excellent ergonomics with one incline setting, a detachable wrist rest, and very minimal latency. Along with having dedicated media and macro keys, it also comes with companion software that provides numerous customization possibilities. The rubber dome switches only offer mediocre typing quality, and the overall build quality is merely adequate. Also, all of the keys wobble noticeably while being pressed, and they are all quite heavy. This keyboard and the Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT are almost identical, except the XT features RGB backlighting and individually lit keys.

Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT price and configuration options

It is identical to the XT model except that it switches from per-key RGB lighting to 5-zone lighting, is limited to six effects, and has per-zone static lighting colors rather than the ten effects and static lighting colors of the XT model.

Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT design

In contrast to a standard keyboard, the K55 RGB Pro XT gaming keyboard has more of a command center feel. You have seven media keys, six macro keys, a macro record hotkey, a brightness hotkey, and a Windows Key lock hotkey in addition to the conventional full keyboard layout with a number pad.

Despite having a sizable number of extra keys, the keyboard has good spacing, making it simple to use all of its capabilities. Although the glossy top of the keyboard contrasts nicely with the matte black finish, the plastic construction is obvious. Despite the materials, the very brilliant RGB lighting contributes to a luxury aesthetic and is breathtaking when at full brightness.

This pattern is continued by the supplied wrist rest, which securely clicks into place to keep it from coming loose while you’re typing. It is made of a rubbery material that has a textured feel thanks to hundreds of small triangles. The word “Corsair” is printed horizontally down the middle, beneath which is a yellow square. It has a simple appearance like the rest of the keyboard, but it can’t overcome its low cost.

The six-foot USB Type-A cable should be sufficient for the majority of installations. It was excessively long in my instance because I only required it to travel a short distance—about a foot—to the USB-C hub on my desk. I was disappointed to learn that the paracord cable wasn’t the same as the one used with the company’s Katar Pro XT gaming mouse, which I just reviewed. Drag isn’t a problem for keyboards, so I can understand why, but the other cord is so pliable and convenient to use that I wish Corsair had utilized it for the K55 keyboard. The absence of cable management makes this worse; the cord simply protrudes from the center of the keyboard, which isn’t a significant issue but isn’t ideal for many configurations. If you already support USB Type-C exclusively, you won’t need a hub or an adaptor; the cable terminates in a USB Type-A 3.0 socket.

Four rubbery pads on the bottom of the K55 RGB Pro XT firmly secure the keyboard to your desk. You can get a more comfortable typing position by angling the keyboard’s foldable foot at the top.

Although its somewhat larger-than-average 19 x 6.6 x 1.4-inch frame, the K55 RGB Pro XT is only 2.1 pounds in weight. The Corsair K60 RGB Pro keyboard is a compact keyboard with mechanical key switches that omits some of the other functions (17.4 x 5.4 x 1.7 inches, 2 pounds). The new tenkeyless Corsair K65 RGB Mini keyboard (11.6 x 4.1 x 1.7 inches, 1.3 pounds) is a terrific option because it is only 60% of the size of a full keyboard but still has RBG lighting that you want.

While being made of plastic, the keyboard is durable because to its IP42 dust and spill resistance, which helps prevent any malfunctions from accidentally spilled liquids.

Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT keys

Compared to other mechanical keyboards I’ve recently tested, the Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT’s classic rubber dome and membrane construction provides a significantly quieter typing or gaming experience.

The membrane keyboard is definitely preferable to even quieter mechanical versions, especially for individuals who are streaming or are in some other type of shared place. It provides more resistance than a mechanical keyboard while maintaining a respectable rebound. Also, neither when typing nor playing games, I saw any missing repeated key pushes.

It has more key travel than any gaming laptop, so if you’re coming from a laptop keyboard, this will still feel quite nice. But, it isn’t a transformational as switching to a mechanical lifestyle. But not everyone would be a good fit for it.

Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT performance

Although though it might not have exactly the same tactile response as certain mechanical keyboards, such as the Razer BlackWidow V3 or Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro, the Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT produced one of my recent records for typing speed. My scores were 92 wpm, which is significantly faster than my average of 86 wpm and didn’t sacrifice accuracy.

I fired up Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, a game that encourages rapid keyboard performance, since it is after all a gaming keyboard. Anti-ghosting and selective key rollover were built into the K55 RGB Pro Xt with this kind of game in mind.

I played through six rounds of Nuketown ’84 on the keyboard to gauge its speed and responsiveness. This game is one of my personal favorites. Although switching to a membrane architecture makes the actuation point less significant, generally, I was pleased with the K55 RGB Pro XT’s performance. Although the membrane design might not be ideal for a game that demands high precision, it will still be a huge improvement over a laptop or non-gaming keyboard for casual players.

Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT software

I’ll talk about software functions that can be used without the iCue app from Corsair. In comparison to some of the other Razer keyboards I have evaluated, the K55 RGB is a nice difference. Many of the K55 RGB Pro XT’s unique features can be controlled with key commands.

Using iCue, which is available for Windows 10 or macOS, you can customize the K55 RGB Pro XT’s lighting options down to the key level, synchronize illumination throughout your entire system, remap keys, and program macros.

There are ten different lighting effects that can be combined, including Visor, Rain, Rainbow Wave, and Spiral Rainbow. They can also be accessed directly from the keyboard by pressing the function key together with a number. Even the rotation direction and speed can be slightly adjusted using the keyboard.

Same rules apply to macros; simply hit and hold the designated Macro button at the top of the keyboard, and the subsequent keystroke will start the macro sequence. After finished, press the G1–G6 macro key you want to assign it to, then press the Macro button once again. For more complicated tasks, this can also be handled in the iCue application.

Elgato Stream Deck software may be used in conjunction with the K55 RGB Pro XT if you plan to use it for streaming because it adds more functionality to the macro settings.

Although iCue has incredible depth, it is also very user-friendly if all you want to do is establish some basic color preferences and a few straightforward macros.

Bottom line

Mechanical key switches may have a powerful attraction, but they will cost more and, depending on your use case, may not be advantageous. After all, the K55 RGB Pro XT’s membrane’s sound-dampening effects are pleasing in some way.

Go through the top gaming keyboards for some more expensive options if gaming performance is your top priority. However the K55 RGB Pro XT is a great option for gamers that play more casually and appreciate the notion of having a command center for their computer at a fair price.

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