Best RGB Aura – Compatible Mice For The Most Intense Gaming (2023)

It can be challenging to find a mouse that works well with aura sync.
I understand what it takes to choose the ideal gaming mouse because I have been there.
I spent five to six hours thoroughly researching options before settling on the best one for me. Go through this post if you want to avoid spending the same 5–6 hours as I did.
I’ve rated and reviewed nine of these aura sync mice that might work best with your setup in this post.
Optimal Aura Sync Mouse Reviewed
Like all other brands, ASUS releases its products in a variety of series or lineups. We’ll talk about the mouse that are part of the TUF and ROG product lines.

1. Asus ROG Chakram

The ROG Chakram is a fantastic gaming weapon. This wireless gaming mouse may become as lethal as possible so you can enjoy the best performance. Dual functionality might be appealing to you. So, you can use this mouse both as a mouse and as a joystick.
About the design, I would describe its kind as being uncommon.
With so many components covering its body, it may initially appear a little flimsy to you. Nevertheless, the magnetic component under those components prevents it from happening. Its design makes it the ideal weapon for video games.
Let me reassure you that removing buttons is not complicated, despite what you may believe. When I got my hands on it, the buttons’ magnetic arrangement made removal simple. Also, you will be able to replace the ROG logo on a blank plate with your own customized one.
With the same tool that was used to delete the components indicated above, you can also remove the two major buttons.
To further on its qualities, it has 400 IPS optical sensors and 16000 DPI sensors. The acceleration is 40g, and the polling rate is 1000 Hz. You will have the choice of 2.4 GHz wifi, Bluetooth, or a USB dongle for communication.
The feature of this mouse that I like is:
It offers two-way charging. It can be charged using a USB-C connector or a qi charging pad. The mouse’s ability to run for 12 hours on a single charge is one of its outstanding features.

 2. ASUS ROG Gladius II

The body, buttons, and design of this mouse are identical to those of its predecessor. The mouse will have a competitive edge, which accounts for the design’s consistency.
This mouse is best for right-handed people, first and foremost. Its dimensions fall in between medium and huge.
You’ll find a scroll wheel and six buttons in the body’s shell-like design. There are interchangeable Omron switches available for the primary controls. There are no angular parts in the body. You won’t experience any problems while moving your hand quickly because to the gripping patterns that prevent you from losing your hold.
The lighting is divided into three areas: the logo, the scroll wheel, and the mouse’s base. Fantastic lighting effects are used. The mouse has sensors with a 16000 DPI resolution and a 50 g acceleration. The acceleration makes the mouse incredibly quick and responsive.

3. Asus ROG Spatha

It is a top-tier mouse that is a flagship model. Also, it offers excellent customizability, which will charm any user who frequently likes to alter the configuration of the gadget. Someone who is an extreme gamer would therefore like having this in his system.
The Asus ROG mouse features an angular form, which is a distinctive feature of it, when it comes to appearance. It is quite large, which contributes significantly to its weight.
This mouse’s surface is sufficiently grippy and has a smooth base. It has 12 reprogrammable buttons and six hotkeys on its side due to the enormous chassis it possesses.
You could become irritated using it if you play video games quickly because the keys are sticky. It has three distinct zones: the logo, the scroll wheel, and the side buttons.
The ASUS Armoury II software allows you to choose from six different illumination styles. In addition, you can choose from 16 million colors to enhance your appearance.

4. ASUS ROG Pugio

This ambidextrous mouse is usable by gamers that use their left or right hand. It provides that level of adaptability.
It is a fantastic gaming mouse that is portable and has programmable side buttons. You are free to separate them if you so choose. If you are willing to use it again, it would feel good in your hand.
It works for absolutely everything, whether it be for gaming or official tasks. The push-fit socket style of this mouse is what I find appealing. You can easily alter the switches with such a setup. This Asus ROG mouse’s features include an optical sensor with a 7200 DPI resolution and a 200 IPS tracking speed.
They have a 50 million click lifespan due to being Omron switches. The lighting on this mouse is very excellent. The glowing components are visible in the scroll wheel, logo, and all over your palm.

5. ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin

It has a similar appearance to its forerunners in terms of design. It is nearly identical to Gladius II, the previous iteration. You’ll be glad to know that this mouse works better for right-handed people if you’re one of them. It is so because of the uneven hourglass shape.
Due to its overall greyish finish, the aura sync mouse has a smooth appearance. Moreover, both the mouse’s sides and the scroll wheel have grips with a similar pattern.
There is a DPI switch hidden beneath the scroll wheel that allows you to choose between two personalized settings. The neat thing about its RGB is that it is eye-catching without being garish.
The Armoury II program allows you to customize the illumination in three different zones where you can use any number of colors. Also, the push-fit socket design makes it easy to swap out the switches.


As we near the finish of this article, I hope I was able to explain the finest aura sync mouse that is now on the market to you.
If you want a wireless mouse, I recommend the ASUS ROG Chakram from the list I put together. It is without a doubt ASUS’s greatest wireless gaming mouse.
You might choose the ASUS ROG Strix Evolve or ASUS TUF Gaming M5 if your budget is limited. These have respectable specs for the price.

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