Best Keyboards In 2023 – REVIEW Top 5+

The top keyboards of 2023 have pleasant clickiness, a reasonable price, a robust feel, and interesting functionality that meets the demands of the user. The right keyboard for you will depend on the type you’re looking for because they have varying functions, features, and sizes.

Keyboards might be mechanical or traditional, wireless or wired, full-size or only 60%, RGB-illuminated or with a palm rest, and some even have special features. Examples include software that enables users to completely customize macros and rebind every key, or the Fn keys defaulting to their gaming functions.

Moreover significant considerations should be given to aesthetics and ergonomics, with some devices deviating from conventional keyboard design practices. Here are the top keyboards for 2023, with detailed descriptions of each device’s advantages and disadvantages.

Corsair K100 RGB

If you are looking for a gaming keyboard and have a significant budget, look no further. Although Corsair has always produced high-quality products and is a dependable firm, the K100 takes things to the next level.

The K100 RGB Mechanical Gaming, which retails for $229, is the first keyboard from Corsair to have Optical-Mechanical switches, which utilise light technology for quick key inputs. The company’s iCue Control wheel, which offers gamers and multimedia gurus a variety of functionality on the move, is also making its debut at this event. All of this capability is contained within a durable and comfortable metal and plastic frame.

It does take some getting used to the new switches, particularly for people who use a conventional mechanical keyboard. Also, the cost is not to be sniffed at. Yet, this will work for gamers searching for eSports-caliber gear.

Razer Pro Type Ultra

Although not everyone prefers wireless keyboards, if you hate it when a pesky cord gets in the way while you work or play, you’ll adore the Razer Pro Type Ultra.

The Razer Pro Type Ultra is a clean, contemporary keyboard that combines high performance, presentation, and luxurious comfort. It departs significantly from the brand’s typical green and black gamer-centric design aesthetic. The Razer Pro Type Ultra is the perfect wireless desktop companion because to its ice-cold white backlighting and amazing battery life of up to 214 hours.

The Pro Type Ultra is remarkably silent thanks to Razer Yellow mechanical switches and sound-dampening foam. You can’t beat the exquisite typing experience you get when soft-touch, fingerprint-resistant keycaps are added. The accompanying cushioned wrist rest adds more comfort and significantly improves ergonomic support while you go about your daily business.

3. Vissles V84

Wireless mechanical keyboards often fall into one of two categories: excellent but pricey, or inexpensive and subpar. The Vissles V84 buckes that trend with an excellent low-cost choice that is wonderfully cozy and tactile to type on, has a lengthy battery life, and comes with a full set of peripherals out of the box.

But it’s not flawless. The V84 only comes in a TKL version (thus the name), making it less than ideal for data entry, and there are certain key arrangement difficulties that could be remedied with additional space, such as the single row Enter key. Fast charging from the mains is also not supported.

They, however, are readily overlooked given the deck’s versatility, wide range of switch options, and incredibly low cost. This is a crucial investment if your WFH life requires an ergonomic improvement.

Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro

The Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro replaces its predecessor two years later with a variety of new controls that should appeal to video creators as well as gamers.

The only drawback is the loss of the wireless connectivity that the V3 Pro provided, but considering the size and intended purpose of this keyboard, this trade-off doesn’t feel like much of a loss other than the braided cable that is now writhing across my desk.

The addition of eight macro keys on the V4 Pro will appeal to die-hard gamers, while the new Razer Command Dial in conjunction with the multi-function roller will give content creators and productivity workers some potent new tools to play with.

5. Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

Given that the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro costs more than $200, it is reasonable to anticipate excellent performance and features. Costs set expectations. On the BlackWidow V3 Pro, you may select between Razer Green or Razer Yellow mechanical switches, both of which provide a pleasant and tightly responsive typing experience. Razer switches are made specifically with gaming in mind, aiming to give everyone in front of them tournament-grade performance at their fingers.

One of the best wireless gaming keyboards on the market has dedicated media buttons, a plush leatherette wrist rest, excellent Razer Chroma per-key-RGB, and a premium design. Nevertheless, you can go a step further with Razer’s superb Synapse software, which provides extensive customization for key remapping, generating macros, and managing the RGB lighting and power settings.


There are many distinct types of keyboards, each with a specific function. There are many choices, and selecting the right one for you depends on a number of important factors, including price, size, purpose, connection, design, aesthetics, ergonomics, and more.

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