Best Gaming Keypads – Top 5+ REVIEW

Sometimes playing video games isn’t simply for fun. There will be times when you’ll think that your performance counts.

Even after utilizing the best mechanical keyboard currently available on the market, you will feel that you are not obtaining the expected results.

What then can you do now?

1. Razer Tartarus Pro Gaming Keypad

One of the most well-known manufacturers of gaming accessories is Razer. To date, I have used their keyboards, mouse, and headsets. And I must admit that I have no complaints about them.
You’ll be happy to know that you can precisely duplicate the gaming keys on your mechanical keyboard with this gaming keypad. The majority of gaming aficionados would favor it without a doubt due to its great degree of customizability.

This new gaming keypad is the Razer Tartarus V2 Chroma enhanced version.

This gaming keypad has many more features than its previous iteration. It has some of the best analog keys available.

Its ability to function as a controller or, to an extent, as a full-sized keyboard for gaming is its strongest feature.

So let’s discuss the fundamentals. This model is virtually identical to its predecessor in terms of shape and design. The layout is the same as the previous version, with four rows of numbered buttons. Yet with that said, it’s really simple because the space bar is situated correctly under the thumb.

You will also enjoy this keypad’s benefit for gamers who play with one hand. Since it was primarily created for one-handed players like you, I can tell you that you will adore it. Even on a disorganized desk, you can fit this model very comfortably next to your full-sized keyboard.
Do you want to discover what makes this model so awesome?

The Analog Optical Keys that I previously indicated are what it is. The analog optical switches on the Tartarus in this model feel more like buttons. These buttons have two actuation points and are fairly smooth, according to my testing of this type.

Using them made me feel fairly at ease, but it might be different for you. There may be times when you have to extend your hands further to reach some keys compared to those on full-sized keyboards, which is only possible if you have small hands.

2. Wireless Redragon K585 DITI Elite

One of the most popular brands of gaming accessories is Redragon. Rarely would you come across someone who despises this brand for its video game accessories.

And the reason for that is because practically all of their gaming equipment is strong and of excellent quality.

Having saying that, they created this keypad specifically with gamers in mind.
For many gamers, switching from consoles to conventional gaming keyboards can be challenging. Because not everyone is well adaptable to everything, gaming performance drastically changes.

By employing a gaming keypad, you can keep your performance from changing. There is an advantage to using a gaming keyboard when playing. There is no need for expensive goods because of how convenient it is, in particular.
Now, if you want to simplify your life while playing video games, this Redragon model can be a perfect option. While gaming, it gives flexibility and has an ergonomic design. The keystrokes feel reasonable and provide respectable clicks.

Yet with that said, getting used to the WASD keys while gaming may be your biggest challenge.
Let’s now discuss the switches. There are outemu switches in this keypad in both blue and brown varieties. They can immediately make some sharp clicks and are fairly sensitive. Also, you are allowed to take them out if you so choose.

What makes these switches so great, exactly?

They only have the hot-swappable attribute, that’s it. You’ll find it simple to take them out and put new ones in their place. The keypad becomes more adaptable as a result of this.

3. Razer Tartarus V2 Gaming Keypad

Razer doesn’t require an introduction as a manufacturer of gaming hardware. Most gamers have confidence in it as one of those premium brands.
Sincere to say, this type is not your standard keypad. It has several elite specifications.

This model has a traditional appearance that ultimately evokes memories of the first Razer Nostromo. I think the matte black coating gives the entire aspect a striking appearance.
Even yet, you might be skeptical about the plastic accumulation. But, since the build is great and doesn’t feel cheap, you shouldn’t be concerned at all. I can make that promise.

Let’s now discuss the keys. 15 keys are a component of the multi-touch membrane, as you are already aware of the 32 programmable keys.

The programmable D-pad has eight distinct positions as well.
The design, which allows access to the thumbs to the D-pad, is mostly to blame.

I believe that the overall design will provide your thumbs and fingertips with the maximum amount of comfort during extended gaming sessions.

Let me share my experience with you. I played for three hours straight without getting tired. The wrist rest was really cozy and ideal for quick gaming.

4. Nostromo PC Gaming Keypad from Razer

Gaming keyboards are always the secondary choice in terms of importance. Whether using a mechanical keyboard or a regular one, typing comes first.
Yet the keypads used for gaming are totally different.

Here are some components that are primarily focused on gaming performance.
The performance level of this Razer variant is unmatched by the majority of regular keyboards.

You’ll appreciate its design in particular because it puts all the gaming controls at your fingertips.

It provides the most customization that you require. Furthermore, you will experience far too much comfort when gaming.

You might assume that I’m making a joke at your expense. Yet the truth is otherwise.

The freedom you’ll experience when gaming is very impressive. The key reason is that your fingers will be placed according to your needs.

5. G13 Advanced Keypad from Logitech

Gaming accessories are something that Logitech has been offering for a very long time. And they do make some decent gaming components, to be honest. One of the parts that can assist you improve your gaming performance is this model from them.
There may be times when you want a little more control when gaming. And the reason for it is that keyboards and mouse might occasionally be subpar. They are unable to guarantee that you will have total control while playing.

So you won’t need to consider the aforementioned issues if you use this Logitech model. It gives you access to all the gaming controls that guarantee quick commands.

The extremely adaptable design of this keypad is the basis for this statement. Any gamer will be able to make significant improvements to their gaming performance with such a design.

Also, this keypad has a sturdy design. Being able to have all the configurable buttons at your fingertips makes it quite comfortable. The keypad’s 22 customizable keys are arranged such that they will naturally fall under your fingers.

Let’s now discuss the model’s comfort level in use.

This design features a wrist rest that is thickly cushioned with premium rubber. Any gamer can finally play for extended periods of time thanks to it.


These are the best gaming keypads available for your gaming build, in my opinion.

I selected them from a vast array of possibilities after many hours of investigation and testing. The Razer Tartarus Pro Gaming is the finest choice out of those.

The alternate choices, though, are equally excellent. Simply put, this Razer model outperforms the competition. That’s all I have to say about it; I hope everyone is clear about gaming keypads. But, please let me know in the comments if there is a problem.

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