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Phần II: Que Hoàng Duy Hùng & đồng bọn "ĐE DỌA" QĐNDVN NTN? mua bai con cao cao

by Mai Trang

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Phần II: Que Hoàng Duy Hùng & đồng bọn "ĐE DỌA" QĐNDVN NTN?| mua bai con cao cao hay nhất Mới Nhất

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Decoding Hoang Duy Hung & his accomplices After the article “Expose the deceit of the leader of the “white revolution” in collusion with the terrorist organization Viet Tan:”. The content of the article highlights the plot to collude with the Viet Tan terrorist organization to misrepresent TBT Nguyen Phu Trong to visit and work in China, at the invitation of TBT President Xi Jinping. HDH used Hoang Tu Duy’s article, General Secretary of the Viet Tan terrorist organization, to praise it as “good & interesting”, but that article distorted and attacked the VCP. The crazy people have opened a lot of distorting livestreams to insult the Vietnam People’s Army Newspaper, and they think that clip 2128 on GNHDH is reasonable. Public opinion on cyberspace and as well as public opinion is very interested, and there has been no such event. The fanatics incited the HDH to sue the People’s Army newspaper, a convenience that had never happened before. As if refueling the fire, Hoang Duy Hung publicly petitioned the People’s Army of Vietnam, with his deceitful nature, he denied that he did not know that the article was by Hoang Tu Duy TBT, the terrorist organization Viet Tan; His own mouth slandered Mr. NTA to receive money and articles from the CCP to leak articles to the Party newspaper… the disciples said that the NTA used the press to beat HDH….to this day, he and his accomplices still Lu snooing around the KGM books about CMT for Vietnam is written for foreigners, now he throws it in the trash, but when needed, he pulls it out and reads it, unloads each page, even when he participates in a discussion with his accomplices, he dubs it. In order to propagate on SG VI VU channel, “Thai chi bi Y, in the CMT book for Vietnam he mentioned in lesson 23 Establishing a white revolutionary alliance, his purpose was to propagate that the dragon really had gone to sea. If you want to make Vietnam strong, you must integrate with the inside and outside, then VN will be HUNG CUONG, HDH returns like a dragon, he himself ‘poisoned the CCBs, they all sat quietly (will have live) share with you later)….In short, HDH is “crying” lamenting being slandered by the Vietnam People’s Army newspaper, and thus he went from a “criminal” to an innocent person. lewd, running away, Chau Huynh will prove it what HDH “wailing” is fake, scratching its face… Part 2: As you know, part 1 CH has exposed HDH’s tricks to put CMT into propaganda and also tricks to write petitions. proposed to incite a part of his fanatics to perform the act of “CIVIL DISCIPLINE”. The CCB that it suspects is the CCP threatens to kill me”, he slandered like that for the purpose of running me, he “colluded with the TCKBVT”…and his damn hint is comparing the People’s Army of Vietnam as thugs as the other guys. The other CC, when putting him and the director in a situation of mental crisis…. HDH did not hide his ambition to take his identity as an American in order to put pressure on the People’s Army of Vietnam, but at a higher level, the Party & State. ….and today, November 20, Minh Giang’s name is also a Youtube name, he released a clip “Saying HDH “white revolution” Viet Tan Structural: Extremely serious, must clarify”. The content of running a crime for HDH through the US is small, the language is not fluent….where the wind is bloody and the rain is stigmatized… – and so, names in the country they don’t trust the Party’s mouthpieces, like NGUYEN TRONG’s name. Suu, Tran Anh Tuan…��.based on that clip and considered his comments as the opinion of the INTERNATIONAL, or the US Government speaking, the mouthpiece of the People’s Army of Vietnam & the People’s Public Security. Believe it, believe the people who once fought against the communists abroad – This is the PEOPLE who are complaining about Hoang Duy Hung.. but in the end they are setting a very dangerous precedent for national security which is to create excuses, then combined with the fanatics in the country to support, the ones from abroad to speak out……so they created public opinion in a way similar to the civil society group, “in the public domain” in a way. The method that the DCCs have been doing for a long time…is “CIVIL DISCIPLINE”, thus, HDH has achieved its goal… Civil disobedience – a dangerous trick, Vietnam People’s Army Newspaper published on 21/ 07/2019 In recent years, to implement the strategy c “peaceful evolution” against the Vietnamese revolution, hostile forces often use a new trick called “civil disobedience”. “Civil disobedience” represents extreme ideology, “anarchy”, is being used in association with the so-called civil society to oppose the Party and State, overthrow the socialist regime (socialist). ) in Vietnam. At present, there are many different conceptions of “civil disobedience” but in reality “civil disobedience” is activities that openly refuse to comply, or violate intentionally and intentionally. awareness of certain laws aimed at obstructing the implementation of state policies and laws; is a form of nonviolent resistance that puts pressure on the state to change policies and laws, even overthrow the government; is essentially a violation of the law. .

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Phần II: Que Hoàng Duy Hùng & đồng bọn "ĐE DỌA" QĐNDVN NTN?

Phần II: Que Hoàng Duy Hùng & đồng bọn "ĐE DỌA" QĐNDVN NTN?

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Phần II: Que Hoàng Duy Hùng & đồng bọn "ĐE DỌA" QĐNDVN NTN?.

mua bai con cao cao.

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